The beauty of writing is in the challenge of expressing emotions that have no words. The spectrum of emotional experience is endless. English (or any language) is limited. Words like “angry,” “happy,” “sad” are gross oversimplifications. Though the laws of physics are far more sure, the laws of English are intended to be similarly prescriptive. … Continue reading Words


Cold as ice Across the gray Fractured toes Find their way None for miles To hear the bray As one solid footstep Melts away


Feeling lower than low Moving slower than slow Coming from higher than high Falling the flyer I fly Breaking bitter by bit Waking a quitter I quit Never been wronger I write Leaking blacker than white


Follow the roll of the hills Fall down the trail of the clouds Soften the hand on the quill Loosen the noose of the crowd   Deafen the words of the reap Move to the musical cues Listen to the pad of the heartbeat Get lost in the forest of you


My group chair performance to Wicked at last weekend's aerial showcase. Other than a wardrobe malfunction, I think it turned out great!! Definitely want to do more chair dancing and another performance like this again.  I'm hooked!!