Music & Words

It's not about the lyrics, the words Or the sense they make Or the pictures they paint It's the atmosphere they weave The particles of air they breathe The parts of you they reach beneath

Everyone Keeps Trying to Leave

Another song from yours truly. And this, folks, is why I will never have a significant number of blog followers - I can decide on one topic or performance to post. I'm all over the map - music, poetry, pole dancing...if you want followers you have to go niche! But that sounds super, SUPER boring. … Continue reading Everyone Keeps Trying to Leave

I Don’t Mean to Brag, But…I’m a Shitty Writer

It's not like I've been doing it terribly long, ya know? Well, I guess since Kindergarten...but I didn't start really writing until high school and then I dove into poetry, short stories, and primarily songwriting. Then I went off to college to focus on songwriting which was such a passion once upon a time (it still … Continue reading I Don’t Mean to Brag, But…I’m a Shitty Writer