Sensual Sighs

Hands slide downwards Over smooth, soft skin The insides burn With the urge to sin Dainty knees part Breath is a gasp A moan escapes Fingers grasp Head thrown backwards With an aching sigh The body pulses deeply With the surge of the high Sweating, wriggling In sensual dreams Body stiffens Body steams Power and … Continue reading Sensual Sighs


Friday Night Short – No-Man Woman

Todd’s tires screeched as he zoomed back onto the highway and headed to his apartment just outside of town. He had a fancy place with an underground parking garage, the schmuck. When we arrived, we got out and took the elevator up to the top floor. I followed him into his clean, well-decorated man cave … Continue reading Friday Night Short – No-Man Woman

Sex In the Dark

The mystery, the intrigue The sensations that spread limb to limb Breath on my neck, down my chest, across my breast Lower, lower, lower The moans and the sighs The bodies that clash Skin under my fingers feels mysteriously magical Where the hands venture next Where the soft lips may touch Nobody knows Nobody knows … Continue reading Sex In the Dark