Not Sure

Not sure That I am who I am Not sure That I like what I see Not sure I can handle this shit Not sure Who I'm going to be Not sure If I'm playing a part Not sure If I'm real or fantasy Not sure If I'm fumbling in the dark All I know … Continue reading Not Sure

Jayne in a Box

I want to climb Inside a place Where I can halt And hide away Where my body breathes And my breathing falls Where my hair stands on end Against the welcoming walls There's no one there But me and I And air and space And self and my No Jayne at work No Jayne at … Continue reading Jayne in a Box

Slow Down

That's what writing music and poetry is all about to me. It's about slowing down. Relaxing the brain. Letting it float into spaces with no air, light, or gravity, spaces where one can simply wander, filled with everything and nothing, needing and wanting so little it's hard to know if you're even alive. You just … Continue reading Slow Down