Life is Additive

I used to believe life was subtractive. That when I made a mistake, it was a sin, and that I then had to put in monumental effort to repent, make up for my sin, and then hold my breath and try my darndest not to make a single mistake ever again because then I'd be … Continue reading Life is Additive


Pretty is Bad

Cold blade of steel Against my soft skin The voice of the wind Wavering in Through the open window And to the white sink Saying "pretty is bad It makes the boys think." The mirror's turned out I divert my wide eyes One hand in my hair Tears but no cries I push the blade … Continue reading Pretty is Bad

I Can’t NOT Blog About Tyler Glenn’s New Video, “Trash”

Because I've revealed on here before that I was raised Mormon, went in a mission, got married to a Mormon with plans to raise lots of little Mormon babies.  Now I'm strictly areligious with only two little apostate babies and an apostate husband to boot (thank god).  And I love Tyler Glenn's new video.  And … Continue reading I Can’t NOT Blog About Tyler Glenn’s New Video, “Trash”