The Books With No Words

On a trip to Durango with my husband and kids this weekend (first time!) and we found an awesome little book shop on Main Street (that's my husband's sexy back in the gray jacket): I walked through, glanced at a few things, found a YA novel I'd really like to read but will probably never … Continue reading The Books With No Words


…And Then I Think Maybe I CAN Rule the World

So I have a small email list or two to which I send chapters of my stories once a week - one chapter per week, to be exact. It's not a large list, but the readers are dedicated and excited and pretty much make my world go round. Anyways, this week I posted a particularly … Continue reading …And Then I Think Maybe I CAN Rule the World

Join Me on the Novel-Writing Journey

Hello lovelies! I'm very excited to announce that I've started a new contemporary romantic comedy novel called Players. I've written a few chapters (the first one has been posted here) so far and it's already been a blast! The story details the journey of Breccan and Gretel, two self-proclaimed 'players' who hook up after a chess tournament … Continue reading Join Me on the Novel-Writing Journey