The Greatest Villain: Patsy DeBoss

Did you know the two main characters of "Players" are high school teachers? This is important because I if I had had better foresight (and a lot more cynicism), I would've written in the most villainous character of all: Patsy DeBoss, the grossly incompetent Education Superintendent. See, she's hilarious because whenever people ask her a … Continue reading The Greatest Villain: Patsy DeBoss

GOD We Are So Tired of Hearing About It

I know. In a way, so am I. But I am so, so excited about Stripped being published so bare with me for one more post - and hell, buy a copy and maybe I'll move on! Two things: I got picked up a by a publisher!! A very small, Colorado local one, but a publisher nonetheless … Continue reading GOD We Are So Tired of Hearing About It