Adventures in the Jane Brain (1)

What I meant to think: Huh. My pelvis is oddly sore. I must've bumped really hard into a countertop today or something. What I actually thought: What is up with my vaj?? I feel like I slammed it repeatedly into some kind of hard, blunt object. Well played, Freud. Well played.


But I Have You Now

This is actually a poem I wrote for one of my stories. The female protagonist is sitting in the hospital awaiting news of her friend who's been in an accident. Having loved and lost before, and terrified to relive the experience, She picks up a children's book off the counter and begins reading through the poem, … Continue reading But I Have You Now

Join Me on the Novel-Writing Journey

Hello lovelies! I'm very excited to announce that I've started a new contemporary romantic comedy novel called Players. I've written a few chapters (the first one has been posted here) so far and it's already been a blast! The story details the journey of Breccan and Gretel, two self-proclaimed 'players' who hook up after a chess tournament … Continue reading Join Me on the Novel-Writing Journey