I Feel Like I’m Drowning

You keep dreaming and dark scheming Yeah, you do You're a poison and I know that is the truth All my friends think you're vicious And they say you're suspicious You keep dreaming and dark scheming Yeah, you do   I feel like I'm drowning Aah, drowning You're holding me down and Holding me down … Continue reading I Feel Like I’m Drowning

Holiday Pole Jam

Because I refuse to be out-weirded and out-talented by some online kook who happens to have access to a pole. Behold! Sit spin guitar Flatline tambourine Gemini flute Teddy bear djembe Brass monkey guitar You're welcome.


My group chair performance to Wicked at last weekend's aerial showcase. Other than a wardrobe malfunction, I think it turned out great!! Definitely want to do more chair dancing and another performance like this again.  I'm hooked!!

Slow Down

That's what writing music and poetry is all about to me. It's about slowing down. Relaxing the brain. Letting it float into spaces with no air, light, or gravity, spaces where one can simply wander, filled with everything and nothing, needing and wanting so little it's hard to know if you're even alive. You just … Continue reading Slow Down