The Greatest Villain: Patsy DeBoss

Did you know the two main characters of "Players" are high school teachers? This is important because I if I had had better foresight (and a lot more cynicism), I would've written in the most villainous character of all: Patsy DeBoss, the grossly incompetent Education Superintendent. See, she's hilarious because whenever people ask her a … Continue reading The Greatest Villain: Patsy DeBoss


Friends, family, followers, enemies... Please say hello to "Players," my second novel, a romantic comedy to be published through Wooden Stake Press on February 8th! This is by far my best novel with the most enthusiastic response. Every beta reader and reviewer gave it a full 5 stars. Can't wait for everyone to laugh, cheer, … Continue reading Players

Does Anyone ACTUALLY Know How to Sell a F*king E-Book?

I admit, I'm a little cranky today. I've spent months now all over that crazy thing they call the Internet: buying Fiverr gigs, watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, buying the occasional "How to Sell Your Kindle e-book" e-book and... Well, the results are fucking frustrating.  I mean, the market is saturated beyond belief, more … Continue reading Does Anyone ACTUALLY Know How to Sell a F*king E-Book?