Severed Fingers in Jackson Hole

You know what really smooths off a nice trip to Yellowstone National Park - particularly one where my parenting skills were consistently under scrutiny and I think I may have failed on every level in my attempt to create a "happy family vacation"?  A severed finger.  Not mine. I'd prefer that, actually because I'm a … Continue reading Severed Fingers in Jackson Hole

But I Have You Now

This is actually a poem I wrote for one of my stories. The female protagonist is sitting in the hospital awaiting news of her friend who's been in an accident. Having loved and lost before, and terrified to relive the experience, She picks up a children's book off the counter and begins reading through the poem, … Continue reading But I Have You Now


Much to my surprise, I've found myself in urgent care today. Back pain and cold symptoms that, it turns out, are actually kidney infection symptoms.  Yay.  As if the full-body aches and the kidney pain weren't enough, they suggested an antibiotic shot that will kickstart the healing process.  Sure, why not? I've had shots before.  … Continue reading Ouch