The Bible of a Low-life – Book of Jayne 1:1

The Bible of a Low-life 1:1 "Remove thyself from the spirit of God and continually break the commandments. For if thou wanderest too close to the light of righteousness, ye shall be doomed to suffer an eternity in the depths of heaven."


To My Mormon Exes

I'm sorry you're missing the hot steamy sex You never got from this once puritanical ex I'm sorry you couldn't handle my stubborn ways Because now that shit earns me a fucking good wage I'm sorry I stepped on your toes with my brain I couldn't fake dumb; I take the blame I'm sorry I … Continue reading To My Mormon Exes

I Can’t NOT Blog About Tyler Glenn’s New Video, “Trash”

Because I've revealed on here before that I was raised Mormon, went in a mission, got married to a Mormon with plans to raise lots of little Mormon babies.  Now I'm strictly areligious with only two little apostate babies and an apostate husband to boot (thank god).  And I love Tyler Glenn's new video.  And … Continue reading I Can’t NOT Blog About Tyler Glenn’s New Video, “Trash”