A Few Paltry Droplets…Drip 35

He smiled. "That is the key - the day when you realize that you've worked so hard and endured so long that feeling uncomfortable has become easy and feeling comfortable has become hard."


A Few Paltry Droplets…Drip 35

He hardly spoke a word to anyone that night. That's the first thing I remember.  His eyes scoured the crowd with a predator like hunger laced with a flavor of intense cynicism. That's the second thing.  The third? How badly I wanted to get with his blonde friend. 

A Few Paltry Droplets…Drip 32

   I raised the deep green crystal to my shoulder. With considerable force and an iron will to keep my voice muffled, I dug the lines of the symbol into my skin. The pain was everywhere, though most assuredly in the spot I had mutilated, but it mattered not; my fascination overruled all else.