It's not until you've spent hours, days, or weeks meticulously crafting something that makes absolutely no sense to anyone but you, that know what it truly means to be creative.

I Keep Trying to Go to Bed Early

I keep trying to go to bed early - like, 9:30 or 10pm. My goal this week was to back off the late nights because it was making me crabby and I was waking up exhausted. Ahhhhhhhhhh precious sleep. But it's more of a challenge than I thought. Because even though we get the kids … Continue reading I Keep Trying to Go to Bed Early

Cool Words

Cool words I made up. Because they sound cool.  Hopkinton (town) Skokie Republic of Orphans Kruz  Dirk Lester Heath Ogdensburg Dritton Kronedale Gritgrom Falls Old Cricking Dropcage Arleah Senecane Indin Orloy Heglan Peerniah Jonk Blookie After a while I can't tell if they sound good anymore...

I Don’t Mean to Brag, But…I’m a Shitty Writer

It's not like I've been doing it terribly long, ya know? Well, I guess since Kindergarten...but I didn't start really writing until high school and then I dove into poetry, short stories, and primarily songwriting. Then I went off to college to focus on songwriting which was such a passion once upon a time (it still … Continue reading I Don’t Mean to Brag, But…I’m a Shitty Writer