The Books With No Words

On a trip to Durango with my husband and kids this weekend (first time!) and we found an awesome little book shop on Main Street (that's my husband's sexy back in the gray jacket): I walked through, glanced at a few things, found a YA novel I'd really like to read but will probably never … Continue reading The Books With No Words

An Unconventional Suicide

He stumbles across the muddy field. I can’t possibly do this, he thinks. He walks, stretches, and runs flailing across the dirt, falling at last into a pile of dung he never saw coming. If there is anything worse than this, he thinks, I will die. He has no thoughts, no hair, no personality, really. … Continue reading An Unconventional Suicide

I’m Gonna Right the Werst Story Ever Ritten

Yep, I'm gonna do it. Your gonna be blown away go hat town with the horrific spelling, punctuation, and grammar their is going to be in this dry, plotless, overly-descriptive quicksand of a book. Its boring characters, run-on sentences, overused commas, and wafting tenses will have screaming "Editor!! Is there an editor in the building!". … Continue reading I’m Gonna Right the Werst Story Ever Ritten