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When Gretel mistakenly crashes into her one-night-stand while sheepishly trying to escape out his front door, she is surprised to find that they are both equally committed to non-commitment – he was trying to run out on her, too. In a moment of brilliance, she offers a mischievous proposition: Why don’t they team up as Pennsylvania’s most successful wingman duo?

The scheming soon begins. But their perfectly-constructed manipulation of the Game of Love starts to fall apart at the seams when a friend and professor of psychology offers them five-hundred dollars each to participate in a very suspect experiment to test her theory of the workings of personality type. As emotional walls fall and these two “players” begin to face the demons of their past, the big question quickly becomes: Who is manipulating who?


Book 1: Muddy Heels

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“This particular patron has a special request.” He held out his hands, atop which rested a black blindfold. “He’s a very private man. You will be well compensated, as will I.” And with that, he turned me around and proceeded to tie the bandana over my eyes.


Meet Ellie Brookes: smart, stubborn, and sarcastic Vegas stripper who is requested to provide private performances to a seductive patron who insists on remaining anonymous. Unwillingly forced to dance blindfolded to fulfill this (presumably) handsome stranger’s lucrative request, she finds that despite her resistance to what she sees as a misogynistic fetish, his mystery and intrigue leave her spellbound. After a menacing client attacks Ellie outside the club, she awakens in her bed wrought with situational amnesia and soaked in blood. She immediately begins behaving in ways that leave everyone around her stunned – including her handsome stranger for whom she has begun to fall. He fights to keep her close, but as her memories from that sordid night begin to return, along with flashbacks of a painful past long-forgotten, her angst to discover his identity begins to lose traction to another, more pressing addiction: revenge.

“This story is a fun romp through the world of an average girl finding her place of belonging within an average strip club, but with TONS of fun, sexiness, adventure, mystery, lust, love, and plot twists!”


Losing You (Book 1)

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In a run-down bar in Denver sits a broken-hearted woman whose sabotaging actions have left her with lots of questions and no one to turn to for answers – until an irritating and equally broken-hearted man attempts to befriend her. Despite his blunt and overbearing demeanor, he appears to know exactly what her heart needs.

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Keeping You (Book 2)

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Alexis’ story continues as she finds that, with some work, her relationship with Lucas can grow and thrive. However, as the holidays approach, it soon becomes obvious that she can’t avoid run-ins with her sarcastic acquaintance, John – and Lucas’ jealousy begins to drive a wedge between them yet again. When tragedy strikes, their relationships is thrown into the midst of the flames, perhaps for the last time.


Saving Me (Book 3)

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Alexis and Lucas’ relationship has taken a turn for the worst and Alexis decides it’s time to take her life in her own hands. Her angst to get away from her abusive circumstances land her in Albuquerque where a completely new life awaits her. But when the holidays roll around and she must head back to Denver to see her family, she finds herself right back at square one. New and improved Alexis has an entirely new set of challenges before her when she comes face-to-face with both Lucas and John – and neither seems willing to let her go.