Holiday Pole Jam

Because I refuse to be out-weirded and out-talented by some online kook who happens to have access to a pole. Behold! Sit spin guitar Flatline tambourine Gemini flute Teddy bear djembe Brass monkey guitar You're welcome.


Fall of the House of Death

Right now I'm laying down on a soft bench at the UMC building at my alma mater, University of Colorado. I'm sore. And hungry. And fatigued. Why, you ask? Well, I'm doing another pole show here tonight! I may be overdoing the pole dancing. I'm a little worried. Anyways, the Pole Society at CU asked … Continue reading Fall of the House of Death

Winter Strength

I'm getting stronger every day There's no doubt The muscles grow My fingers grip The power I feel Stronger by the minute Even while Winter weakens me The sun hides And the sadness of the dark Seeps through me A suffering Even holidays can't cure Only one thing can


My group chair performance to Wicked at last weekend's aerial showcase. Other than a wardrobe malfunction, I think it turned out great!! Definitely want to do more chair dancing and another performance like this again.  I'm hooked!!