Just One

Just one look One thought One healing One person One life Makes it all Worth feeling

Having Kids: A Horror Story

In case any of you wonderfully, wisely child-less folks have ever wondered... What it's like to have kids: Take your alarm clock. Set it to go off every 5 minutes. Set it to the music you hate the most. Then the volume all the way up. Now disable the snooze. Now jump out the window.

Winter Blues

The winter blues are setting in Grayish hues wearing thin Creeping low on browning ground Hiding out from inward sound Reddened faces, sunken skin Lashing out to keep it in Then wrapped up tight in blackened lace Disappear without a trace

Be So

Be so calm Be so sure Be so centered Be so anchored In the cool of the lake In the body you are In what the world means to you That nobody's Baggage Junk Naggage Flunk Braggage Stunk Can touch you Infect you Disrupt you Corrupt Your peace