Right Side Down

A light shines through the crack A glow in a dusty shack Bending across worlds of show Contorting through tunnels few know   Rising below the open door Reaching up to touch the floor Switching sides to contemplate Upside down in grounded fate


Winter Blues

The winter blues are setting in Grayish hues wearing thin Creeping low on browning ground Hiding out from inward sound Reddened faces, sunken skin Lashing out to keep it in Then wrapped up tight in blackened lace Disappear without a trace

Be So

Be so calm Be so sure Be so centered Be so anchored In the cool of the lake In the body you are In what the world means to you That nobody's Baggage Junk Naggage Flunk Braggage Stunk Can touch you Infect you Disrupt you Corrupt Your peace

Winter Strength

I'm getting stronger every day There's no doubt The muscles grow My fingers grip The power I feel Stronger by the minute Even while Winter weakens me The sun hides And the sadness of the dark Seeps through me A suffering Even holidays can't cure Only one thing can


Follow the roll of the hills Fall down the trail of the clouds Soften the hand on the quill Loosen the noose of the crowd   Deafen the words of the reap Move to the musical cues Listen to the pad of the heartbeat Get lost in the forest of you