Mercy of Depravity: Chapter 1

Click here to read the Prologue to this story The bacon sizzled. The eggs bubbled. He screamed as his finger grazed the side of frying pan. The saliva in his mouth soothed the wound as his magnificent breakfast began to blacken. “Ah, fuck!” he cried, grabbing a mitt and moving the pan off to the … Continue reading Mercy of Depravity: Chapter 1

Mercy of Depravity

I am besieged by the overwhelming, unabating, piercing light. I shield my eyes to no avail. The light is everywhere. It touches every nook and cranny of the city, accenting the delicate brick buildings of the local shops aside the cascading skyline of prominent and boisterous skyscrapers that gleam like eyes of a mother holding … Continue reading Mercy of Depravity