Giving Ellie a Second Shot

I feel very attached to Ellie. Deeply attached. I mean, I loved writing Players - it was fun, light-hearted, and the interplay of the characters was unique and interesting. But I didn't relate to Gretel the way I relate to Ellie. Ellie is a powerful and dynamic character. She is neurotic but measured, deeply caring … Continue reading Giving Ellie a Second Shot

Friday Night Short – Frenemies

It was difficult to even concentrate beneath the rage. So much time, so much planning had gone into this one evening, this one moment just for her. And he destroyed it. In one quick moment with one quick word. I poured a glass of red wine. Strong red wine. My fingernails clinked against the goblet, … Continue reading Friday Night Short – Frenemies

Sneak Peek

Hello loyal readers! And everyone else... In celebration of the last week before the release of "Players," I'm excited to share with you guys this sneak peek of Chapter 1! Here's your chance to get sucked in...Feb 8th is coming up quick! Click below to download.

Players Synopsis

I'm excited to share with all of you the synopsis for my upcoming novel, Players! If you're intrigued, please Like or comment on this post! When Gretel mistakenly crashes into her one-night-stand while sheepishly trying to escape out his front door, she is surprised to find that they are both equally committed to non-commitment – … Continue reading Players Synopsis


Friends, family, followers, enemies... Please say hello to "Players," my second novel, a romantic comedy to be published through Wooden Stake Press on February 8th! This is by far my best novel with the most enthusiastic response. Every beta reader and reviewer gave it a full 5 stars. Can't wait for everyone to laugh, cheer, … Continue reading Players