I Can Only Give You Pain

One of the poems I wrote a few weeks ago spiraled into an entire song. I love it when that happens. Part of me is tempted to give you a preamble on what this song is about, what inspired it, etc, but I'm not going to. Both music and poetry are personal, and one of … Continue reading I Can Only Give You Pain


Don’t Mean Nothin’

It appears I'm back on the songwriting circuit. Weird how life ebbs and flows. Haven't touched my novels in months and then songwriting inspiration hits again from nowhere. I'm just gonna go with it. Lyrics and video below. You say it's my mind You say it's not your time Ooo one Ooo gone You say … Continue reading Don’t Mean Nothin’


Ok, this is completely unrelated to my blog but I have to write this somewhere! My husband and I went to see Hozier tonight at Red Rocks - AMAZING show!!! In fact, this is related to my blog because if you've ever needed a boost or a primer for your fiction writing, read Hozier's lyrics. … Continue reading Hozier