Don’t Wanna Think

Don't Wanna Think Now I'm not really one for drinking songs but I guess that I should probably write one 'cause I'm feeling pretty lonely He's the only thing that holds me right now Now I'm not really one for drinking songs but I guess if I'm not wrapped here in your arms then I … Continue reading Don’t Wanna Think


Embracing the Pain

I don't know what it is about pain, but I find it to be incredibly inspiring. There is nothing I love to emote more in dance, music, or poetry, than deep human suffering. Maybe that makes me a masochist. I don't know. But I played around with a song by Julia Michaels this week (basically … Continue reading Embracing the Pain


The beauty of writing is in the challenge of expressing emotions that have no words. The spectrum of emotional experience is endless. English (or any language) is limited. Words like “angry,” “happy,” “sad” are gross oversimplifications. Though the laws of physics are far more sure, the laws of English are intended to be similarly prescriptive. … Continue reading Words

Hold Me

You may think I'm crazy A loose piece of string A hanging limp body With a cool deadly drink These arms they can't hold me These legs have a thirst Only weavings of chaos Will hold 'til I burst Photo credit: G. Mark Lewis at G. Mark Art