What’s Your Gravity?

My resolution for 2018 is to ride life like a water slide.

I can change positions to go faster or slower, or to make things more comfortable or feel more risky, but once I start down the slide, I’m not in control anymore; gravity is. At that point, it doesn’t matter if I’m facing the right way or going the right direction or following the rules or whatever, it only matters if I’m having a badass time on the way down with gravity as my guide.

So I guess my resolution for 2018 is to stop fighting gravity.

My gravity:

  • Jughead is hot
  • Dancing is more fun upside-down
  • Playing the piano is old hat
  • 50 Shades of Grey is hot as fuck
  • Crying at the office should be socially acceptable
  • Feeling stuffed after a meal doesn’t feel satisfying; it sucks
  • More naked is better
  • Feeling sexy is awesome
  • Showing it off is even more awesome
  • Pole dancing is for everyone, everywhere, all the time
  • Dancing like no one is watching is great as long as PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY WATCHING
  • I will always and forever care about whether lots of people like me. I no longer, however, care about what kinds of people like me, or what mold they fit into.
  • Girls should wear nothing but tanks, crop tops, halter tops, and daisy dukes in the summer.
  • The #1 most unappealing and ditch-worthy personality trait is the desire to control or influence others.
  • Men who work with their hands are super hot
  • Men in suits do nothing for me
  • Singing. All the time, everywhere
  • Learning something new is only fun if you tell pressure and perfectionism to fuck off
  • Life is nothing without opportunities to create something new
  • Idealism can be both epically badass and destructive – so learn to deal with the destructive parts because it’s worth the badassery
  • Live in the now. Unless you’re lost in your imagination, in which case, live in the now somewhere way more awesome.

What’s your gravity?

Looking forward to more blogging with you in 2018!

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