Jayne in a Box

I want to climb

Inside a place

Where I can halt

And hide away

Where my body breathes

And my breathing falls

Where my hair stands on end

Against the welcoming walls

There’s no one there

But me and I

And air and space

And self and my

No Jayne at work

No Jayne at play

No Jayne at night

No Jayne at day

No Jayne the mom

No Jayne the wife

No Jayne the sister

No Jayne in life

No Jayne who poles

No Jayne who swings

No Jayne who writes

No Jayne who sings

No Jayne who can never

Figure anything out

No Jayne who thinks too much

No Jayne who doubts

No Jayne who succeeds

No Jayne who fails

No Jayne who is stoic

No Jayne who bails

No Jayne of before

No Jayne to be

In my box where nothing

Can fit but me

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