Where the day is dark

And the dark is deep

Where slaves trudge forth

While masters sleep

Where the drizzle tempers

The sheers of grey

Where the brightest bright

Is a deadened ray

Where ground sinks in

Til the dust is mud

Where the grass is

Blackish skuffish skud

Where the cries of children

Are far too lost

Behind the crinkled

Cracked crust

Where the bones are black

And the fingers fair

Where pointy branches

Strip you bare

Where hidden secrets

Pay the way

To the underground

Where the broken play

Where freezing sizzles

The tortured goose

The sunny smiles

Admire the noose

Where frosty froth

Bites the lip

Daring the dead

To take a sip

Where regal rats

Take up the sail

To steal away

The only trail

Where necks sit thin

On bobble heads

And the curse breaks in

Their brains instead

Where hardened sand

Fills up the bray

Where knobby knees

Scrape all the way

Where axes grind

On faces near

And it’s the most wonderful

Time of the year


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