Pole Fitness: Wyrd

Well, I’m doing a pretty shitty job keeping up with blogging this week. Know why? I took the whole week off from work!!

Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t I have more time?

Technically, yes, however I’ve been relaxing, resting, spending time with family, pole dancing, creating art (I’ll post when it’s done; it’s gonna be awesome), and just overall pretending like life is like this all the time. It’s been amazing.

But I haven’t been writing much. And I’m a bit concerned that blogs aren’t the best place to post pole dancing videos (I mean, people are here to read, right?), but pole dancing is, like, all I wanna do all the time. I don’t think I’ve felt this way about anything since I was a music composition major at UNC back in my early 20’s. It’s surreal.

As usual, I’m going with the flow. It’s a promise I made to myself this year – that I’d follow my interests, let my intuition direct me even if that means that I’m not consistent with anything. I haven’t written a song in a month or two, but that’s cool. Maybe songwriting season is over and it will come back next summer?

Either way, I have a new pole video for you! I put some new spins together with sexy transitions and some booty! Also tested some new lighting. I like it, but it’s a bit harsh – camera doesn’t seem to know what to do. 🤔 So it will require some adjusting.

Hope you like it!

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