For Ward Clever – Gooey

When I make a promise, I keep a promise. A fellow blogger over at Ward Clever posted this awesome song, Gooey on his blog. The best is amazing, it’s super chill, and the words are so weird I can’t help but love them. I loved it so much, I bought both Glass Animals albums and then told Ward Clever I’d do a routine of Gooey.

And here it is! As usual, I choreographed the first minute or so and then started worrying I’d forget it all if I kept choreographing (and I didn’t want it to take forever) so I just winged the rest. Lol. I’m seeing a pattern here…

Anyways, you get my newest awesomest move, Ayesha, in this video, however you can’t really see what I’m doing because the pole moved so that my butt is toward the camera. So I uploaded another video where you can see just that move from the proper angle.

As usual, enjoy! And Happy Birthday, Ward Clever! (Wouldn’t that be awesome if it actually did happen to be your birthday?? I’d be like psychic!)

And Ayesha:

3 thoughts on “For Ward Clever – Gooey

  1. I honestly don’t know what to say… I’m touched that you did this for me! Literally no one in the history of the world has done a pole dance for me! I haven’t really ever been to a club where… um, never mind.
    Anyway, it was very good, of course, and the fact you improvised part of it, or most of it, was amazing! I had to scroll up to see what you said about how much was choreographed, because I couldn’t tell when you started improvising! Thank you so much for your artistic creativity, and, you know, sexiness. 😉 Your hubs is a lucky man, Jayne! But I’m kinda lucky too. 😉 This was one of the coolest things anyone’s ever done for me!

    My birthday is not too far away, and I’ll be sure to look at this again then! (It’s Jan 9). (I guess I knew what to say after all, lol)

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