Pole Fitness: Adore You

I’ve always been a creatively expressive person. In my childhood it was through piano and crafts, in my youth it was through writing music, in my young adulthood it was more through singing, and in recent years it’s been via painting, poetry, and novel writing.

But never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever even once have I tried dancing.

I never imagined for a second that I could be good at it. And I’m still not sure I qualify as “good” at it, but I’m getting a lot closer. And I’m finding that there are a million amazing ways I can express myself through dance. There’s something just so awesome about letting music resonate right through your entire body and force it into all sorts of beautiful contortions.

The first half of this song I choreographed, then I got tired and decided to just wing the rest. I have bigger plans for this song (these plans involve handcuffs and some inner darkness 😳) but I wanted to get started putting some ideas together on this one because I’ve been feeling this song right down to my bones lately.

The point of all this is to say that I’m extremely proud of myself. I’m moving with the music, going with the flow, letting my body and instincts take the lead – this is something I’m incredibly bad at except under certain conditions (songwriting is one of the only areas where I can do this predictably). There is nothing like throwing yourself into the feeling and sensations of a song and then playing it back to find that it looks just as amazing as it felt.

Of course, I have to be careful not to watch it too many times or I start picking out the mistakes, but you get the idea!

Anyways, I hope you have the same experience. That you feel what I feel while I’m dancing, that you feel this song flow through you like a freight train. Because god knows I do.

Here is Adore You by Miley Cyrus.


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