Shit Me and My Sisters Say – Corporate Hierarchies

I have 2 sisters. They are awesome and hilarious and a delight to be around (as long as we don’t spend too much time together). This year, we finally started a group text message so we can send our crazy ideas or hilarious online finds to each other. And it can be pretty entertaining.

So, I thought, I’m sure my blog followers would love to read all of this fun stuff too!! Truth be told, it’s probably not as funny as I think. But hell, if you don’t get at least a little giggle out of it, you be crazy.

Here’s our latest convo that started when my younger sister and I were reflecting on some of our horrific past employment experiences – and bitching about the problems with corporate heriarchies (disclaimer: we’re both very happy with our current jobs but have had some very bad experiences past positions!).

For privacy sake, we’ll call my older sister Bells and my younger sister Hales. Cool? Cool. The blue is me.

We start with the irony of “acceptable job functions” of CEOs vs underworkers. And it builds from there…


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