🎶 If I’m Sexy and You Know It, ‘Like’ This Post!

Well, I survived my first performance! And I actually think it went very well!!! It’s amazing seeing myself do some of these awesome acrobatic things – never thought I’d ever do anything like this in my entire life. But everything feels like it moves in slow motion IRL, then I watch the videos and it feels like everything is in fast-forward!

But seriously, I haven’t done a show of any kind in years – never done a dance show – and I’m hooked. This pole thing isn’t going away anytime soon. I think for the next one, I will do something more artistic and heartfelt, but it was it awesome to do something so fun!

Videos are coming, but for now, enjoy this shots from the show. I did a solo pole dance to Old Time Rock & Roll and a group chair dance with 3 other awesome ladies (we call ourselves the girl band now because seriously – a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, and a funky modern half-shaved haircut – it’s a given!) to Wicked (not the musical).

Hope you like them!

My Favs mashup:


Group Chair:


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