Pole Photos Batch 1

Well, I tell you what. I may work for the best company in the world. I’ll tell you why. 

As part of some updates to our website, my boss wants to do a Company Culture section with a subsection on Work/Life balance featuring the unique hobbies that employees engage in and how our flexible office vs work-from-home policy enables that. 

Guess which if my hobbies will be featured?

In case you think no company in the world would be that cool, I’ll just tell you: my pole dancing! 

I’m super impressed with how progressive they are, especially with something that I think is still quite controversial despite increasing popularity. 

So last Friday I got to drive to the Boulder Vertical Fusion studio and pole my ass off for a professional photographer. Was it nerve-wracking? Yes! So much so that I completely forgot to put on makeup. 😬 Was it awesome? YES. 

I just got a few of the first photos back and man, they look amazing!!! This photographer was fantastic and I’ll be most assuredly sharing his information with all of you once I get it. 

Are you ready? Here’s the first four:

Pretty sweet, right??? Can’t wait to see the rest. I will share them here as I receive them! Thanks for reading!


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