San Francisco

I’m not a travel blogger by any stretch of the imagination – in fact, I don’t even travel enough to be one, should I want to – but I had a particularly poetic trip to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago that I thought would be worth sharing.



I really love this photo from the trip because it captures the overall feeling of the adventure – dynamic, peaceful, contemplative. I really feel like I breathed San Francisco – I didn’t just stand there and point at cool stuff (though there was certainly plenty of cool stuff to point at!).

But rather than bore you with all the details, I put together my Top 8 favorite parts of the trip – with pictures!

  1. The Turkish Roomies


Very kind, super sweet, and with that youthful enthusiasm all young people have that I used to think I still had but it’s not entirely there anymore. They were fantastic and made the hostel stay so much fun! Also, they hated pancakes.

2. The One-Man Band Dude


I *think* his name was Wesley? Either way, I love seeing people do completely crazy things to pay the rent – especially things they’re passionate about. This guy built that whole setup from scratch. And killed it on the stage!

3. The Cable Cars


I don’t feel like there’s much to add here. Cable cars are awesome. I even got a video of the engineer working the levers! …after he yelled at me for switching seats mid-flight :0.

(sorry, it appears I can’t adjust it so it’s vertical)

4. Fisherman’s Wharf with my Aunt and Uncle

These two were just as fun and interesting as they were the last time I saw them 15 years ago! They showed me a great time!

5. Clam Chowder Bread Bowls


I’m not gonna lie – I wasn’t unequivocally impressed. But I’m a Coloradoan – what the hell do I know about seafood??

6. China Town


I actually wasn’t expecting to care much for this. I lived in Montreal, Canada for a few years in my early 20’s and figured China Town would be about the same. Turns out there was a festival and OMG it was completely crazy!! Tents up and down the tiny streets and crowds upon crowds of people. Fine family fun!

7. Jogging the GoldenGate Bridge

Now this was just awesome. I talked a colleague into running this sucker with me – er, cough, he just walked fast while I jogged… regardless! It was great to find another adventurous soul to wander out there and be a goofball with me.

8. Pictures of the GoldenGate Bridge at Sunset

This one is just really hard to beat. The views were amazing and the sunset was spectacular. No filters on these photos, I swear!

I’m a big believer that the people make the place. There are amazing things to see in San Fran, but they’re just not quite as awesome if you can’t find some strangers, an Aunt and Uncle, and a crazy colleague to go check them out with. They made everything about this short, 2-day excursion colorful and poignant.

Which is super great because 2 days into my conference I got really sick and had to fly home early with a fever. Too much fun for this 36-year-old, I guess…

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