Everyone Keeps Trying to Leave

Another song from yours truly. And this, folks, is why I will never have a significant number of blog followers – I can decide on one topic or performance to post. I’m all over the map – music, poetry, pole dancing…if you want followers you have to go niche!

But that sounds super, SUPER boring. So this is what you get. I’ll take my small little audience who appreciates variety right along with me. 

Anyways, I wrote this song to express some of the poignant feelings I remember hanging in the air during a very difficult conversation with a good friend in high school. 

It’s depressing. 


Lyrics coming in tomorrow’s post. Just to torture you a little. 

2 thoughts on “Everyone Keeps Trying to Leave

  1. loved this! Great! And I loved the vacuum in the background, lol – I’m kidding.

    I feel you on the blog followers. This is the second blog I’ve had. I eventually started thinking of it as several mini-followings, with some overlap. You know, 200 like my silly stuff, and 300 like poetry, and 250 like stories, and so on.
    But you know why I follow you? It’s BECAUSE you do so many different things. You’re so interesting! And talented. And um… easy on the eyes, but that’s not the main reason I’m here. 🙂
    I am not leaving! Even if you torture me 😉

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    • Oh I don’t know, Ward, now you’ve given me a challenge!! What will it take to freak out Ward so much that he never comes back…hmmmmmmm… 😂

      That’s a good way to look at it. I’ll take what I can get, anyways. I work in marketing, though, and there’s no doubt that niche is the way to go. But maybe my niche can be the everything niche lol?? Well I certainly appreciate your attention!! I shall continue to try to be devastatingly beautiful and interesting, just for you. 😉


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