Text Message I Sent My Husband That I Thought You Might Appreciate

“What I’m really enjoying about philosophy in general right now is that it doesn’t attempt to find any right answers. It just explores the possibilities and develops theories about what might be the best approach to any particular subject. These days I feel like I’m surrounded by people who think everyone should feel or think a certain way about things. This entire area of study is like a massive breath of fresh air.”

I’ve never felt like a person who has answers and, at times, I’ve deeply admired those who claim they do. How do they know? How are they so confident? But the more I get to know myself, the more I realize that I deeply dislike that certainty and I prefer to explore the world of uncertainty – as much as it shakes me up sometimes. It seems like everyone is in this massive rush to get to the “right” answer on any given issue and, I must say, feeling this freedom to explore ALL the answers without feeling pressured to choose or judge or condemn or take sides fits so beautifully into my world that I almost want to marry it….

And yes, my husband’s nickname is Roro. Isn’t it adorable?!?! 

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