Pole Fitness: The Sexy Jayne

I’m just gonna keep coming up with these *super* creative names for these little combos until I run out of adverbs. 

Better yet, what would YOU call this move?? This is an excerpt from a freestyle session I may or may not post next week…

11 thoughts on “Pole Fitness: The Sexy Jayne

    • Absolutely 100% YES!! I think that’s much of the reason I got into it. I spent much of my life trying to NOT be sexy and now I’m on a quest to embrace it. Give it a shot! You feel like a nerp the first few classes, but stick with it and you’ll start to find your sexy!

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      • No! You don’t need any fitness at all, in fact! You start out with the simple moves and just understanding how to dance around the pole. From there, they slowly introduce you to more difficult things as your strength improves. It definitely helps to go to the gym and work out to increase your strength as you learn more, but the pole classes themselves will help you do that.

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