Repeat to yourself every time your feelings become overwhelming, life feels like it’s crushing you, or you find yourself grasping at anything around you for approval. The words our parents couldn’t always say, but we can say to ourselves to get through the shitstorm of life.


It’ll be okay

It’ll be alright

You did your best

You don’t have to fight

With the knowledge you have

You’re working so hard

Can’t always get it right

Can’t always play the winning card


You’re truly a good person

Mistakes are the spade

That comes along with

These human games that we play

So snuggle in tight

Give you heart a squeeze

Cuddle those organs

Stop and feel the breeze


You’ll keep on trying

You’ll figure it out

You always get through it

You’ll work through the doubt

Lesson are learned

One step at a time

You’re kind, brave, and beautiful

With an evolving mind


I know it’s so difficult

Sometimes it feels wrong

To be who you are

To sing a different song

I know how much it hurts

The pain is so real

I feel you, I’m with you

I won’t abandon you – no matter what you feel

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