Pole Fitness: The Pretty Jayne

I don’t have another full routine for y’all yet, BUT I’ve finally been starting to “get” spin pole! If that confuses you – because don’t all poles spin?? – there are actually two types of pole configurations: static and spin. With static pole, which is what I’ve used for both routines I’ve posted so far, you actually spin around the pole while it remains static. For spin pole, YOU remain “static” while the pole does the spinning. In the latter, you’re technically both moving, but the pole is the impetus for the spinning, not the dancer. 

See?? You’ve already had your first pole lesson!

So at the studio I attend, we learn static pole before spin so I’ve only started to figure out how to get my body to work with spin (it’s harder than it looks). But the fun of that is, as I’ve started to figure it out, I’ve even discovered my own moves! Yahoo!!

Anyways, this one I made up in attempt to execute a more difficult move that I can’t quite pull off yet. So this is my simpler version of it. I call it the Pretty Jayne. 😜 

Oh! And don’t forget to admire the background in starting to build for my little basement studio. We’ve got twinkle lights hung (big thank you to the hubs for helping out with that!), planning to add more twinkle lights and the hang black sheets in front to give it a very introspective, foreboding, but fascinating look. Basically, to make me look prettier. 😉


More coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Pole Fitness: The Pretty Jayne

      • You’re doing a show? Wow! Is someone going to video that? Please tell me they are. 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing this. I know you have a story about it, and let’s just say I am related to someone in “the business” but pole dancing is an art form and it’s very difficult, too!


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