The Most

The prettiest trees are dead

The hungriest people are fed

The most beautiful words are never said

The most meaningful moment was while you bled

2 thoughts on “The Most

  1. Thank you so much – a coworker once told me that a particular writing assignment I was working on would be hard because it was so long – I told her it would be more difficult if it was shorter. The beauty of anything is to say as much with the fewest words possible. That is my number goal. Which is why I enjoy writing short stories more than novels. I prefer the challenge and intuition of fitting the entire life and emotional upheaval of an entire human being into less than a thousand words. To me, it’s more profound than an entire novel because the reader gets to fill in the blanks.

    Of course, I completely invalidated all of that by responding with an inappropriately long reply lol!


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