The Curse of the Walmart

1 For lo, the walmart was evil. And evil was the Walmart. And the god of commerce forbade the Walmart to continue in its devilish ways, but the Walmart did not listen. 

2 Thrice did God warn The Walmart and thrice did the Walmart ignore the warning of God. And behold, upon the fourth display of ignorance to the commandments that had been given the Walmart, God placed a curse upon all the Walmarts in all the land, that they might forever remember how they turned towards the wrong and away from the right. 

3 And the curse was a curse not upon the Walmart alone, but upon all the people who would shop therein. For verily, verily, I say unto you, thenceforth and forever, every shopping cart leaned to the right – nary to the left – that all might be reminded of the way back to the god of commerce and his unforgiving anger towards they who reject him. 

4 And the shoppers suffered. And their wrists waxed sore. And they cursed the Walmart for so enabling their pain. And they never forgot the consequences of defying the great god of commerce.

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