All the Fucks I Give

I give a fuck

About so many things

The person I am

Other people’s feelings

The way that I talk

The way that I act

The way I walk

How bad I react

The rings that spread out

Every step that I take

Everything that I do

Real or fake

Whether u succeed

Whether or not I fail

I even give a fuck

When I know I must bail


I give a fuck for my friends

Who drain me dry

The people I hate

Get a fuck on the fly

If I’m happy or sad

Or feeling distraught

If I’m angry or mad

Too many fucks in that pot


Too many fucks all around

No time and no sane

So I’m giving them all up

Till no fucks live in my brain


No fucks if you’re right

Or wrong or upset

No fucks if I win

Or I break into debt

No fucks for my friends

Who’s problems I can’t solve

I’ll be here, i will listen

But no fucks to resolve

No fucks if I fuck up

The decisions I make

No fucks for the feelings

That come in the wake

No fucks for my looks

Or the way that I speak

If I act like an idiot

Or flail like a freak

No fucks for your drama

Or the way you think it should be

No fucks to be given

To you or to me


I don’t fucking care

If I know who I am

Or if I’m on the right path

If I’m breaking the damn

It all means nothing anyways

And life will go on

I’ll save all my fucks

And only I will decide

Who and what to spend them on

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