30 Days of Not Giving a Fuck

So I’ve started not giving a fuck. Or giving less fucks, anyways. I was always a person who gave too many fucks and then ran around shoring up resources to stockpile my fucks so I could give away more. Then I picked up this book recommended by my SIL called “The Art of Not Giving a Fuck” and decided that sounded like a much more efficient plan. 

So, in light of my new efforts and also because I want to mock the living fuck out of 30-day exercise and eating programs, I decided to start my own challenge: 

30 Days of Not Giving a Fuck

Now, I started this challenge on facebook and since I started out giving very few fucks, I couldn’t be bothered posting it to my blog. But since I don’t give a fuck anymore, I also am fairly loose on how high quality this blog looks and, therefore, I give few enough fucks to actually share my mediocre posts here. 

So. The first four days are coming in subsequent posts tonight and then tomorrow will start with Day 5. And depending on how many fucks I actually give or do not give over the next 25 days, I may or may not actually complete this challenge. 

This was day one when I announced the challenge. This is me just not giving a fuck in general:


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