I Can Only Give You Pain

One of the poems I wrote a few weeks ago spiraled into an entire song. I love it when that happens. Part of me is tempted to give you a preamble on what this song is about, what inspired it, etc, but I’m not going to. Both music and poetry are personal, and one of the beauties that both share is the fact that their meaning changes from person to person.

So I don’t want to ruin it for you. I want to keep the floodgates of meaning open. It’s only an extra bonus that I happen to be a bit too embarrassed to share my deeper feelings with the world (er, my 10 followers…). I prefer to leave them obscure. 🙂

So here it is, my original song: “I Cannot.” Lyrics included below.

Every time they open
My eyes see so few
Just you and me and misery
A blackened, greyish hue

Each time that I listen
The words are loud and strong
Breaking all the glass
That sheltered right from wrong

I want to light the path
I want to be your sane
But I can’t give you that
I can only give you pain

Doors closing on me
The walls are dark and cold
The shaking screams are warning me
Break down, give in, fold

The pain is too familiar
The pathway out is hard
I’m weak, small, slow
One foot, two, a yard

I want to do you right
I want to fuel your flame
But I cannot give you light
I can only give you pain

I have nothing to give
I have no one to blame
I want you to have everything
But I can only give you pain

Sometimes when the cover
Pierces through the mad
For just one tiny moment
I think it’s not so bad

But one tear than another
Reams my softening skin
And I become my victim
I am fighting not to win

I want to give you strength
To fight when you’re in chains
But I don’t know the secret
I only know the pain

I cannot give you happiness
I can only give you pain


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