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Just calm down
Quit freaking out
What’s the big deal anyways
It’s just life
It’s just poeple
Just love

She seemed so normal
A girl on fire
But damn over the wire
Too bad she dry
A little on the crazy side
Over the top
But damn what a mind
Makes me crazy sometimes
Spins in circles for days
Till it goes down with the blaze
Too much for one bro
But she’s hot so…

The beginning meets the end
Full stop to start
Just watch me explode
As my mind strains at the seams
And cracks
And chips in the frame
Fissures filled with steam
Shooting lies and dreams
Electric beams
Scraping hair with the screams
The heart is one horse too fast
Get out of the radius
Out of the blast
God, the way down is easier
But the way up will feed
The need for speed
To burn off and bleed
Caged and freed
Seething love and greed
Wreaking with need
Drop and drift
Off a steep cliff
Embracing the if
Crushed by the weight
Of irresistible bait
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
Think before you say it
Ya might accidentally slay it

Fuck it
I’m letting the crazy out
It’s ready to breathe
And hell
If you dig yourself a wall
You were never meant for me at all

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