ink blot 2

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Does it really have to be
One thing or another?
Does it have to have a name?
Can it sit and breathe
Must we put it in a frame?

Does it not stand alone
Do we have to hold it near?
Does it not have any value
If it doesn’t quell our fear?

Do we lose our sense of life
If something isn’t or is?
Do we have no way to pick up
And run
If we cannot say it’s his?

Is the war already over
Before the battle has even
Does the moon lose all its meaning
If it’s not compared to sun?

If everything is something
What do we really get?
Why can’t we start the show
Before the script is set?

Or are there other choices
That have no when or where
Nor how or what or why
Or who
No equal, free, or fair?

Do we have no meaning
If we can’t say what we are?
Or is it much more something
To free the unopened jar?

No names no definitions
What it is, it is, or not
Just being just believing
The ink is just a blot

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