What the Fuck Are We Doing?

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Do you ever crave freedom from all this – from responsibility, from stuff, from commitments and promises – so bad that you almost can’t breathe? What the fuck are we doing?

Buying all these things, owning more and more, all the shit we think will give us and our kids stability. When we could live in a stick house, travel the world, love endless numbers of people, have endless numbers of experiences, find out what digs deep and hurts beautifully and aches longingly in the darkest corners of the earth.

What are we doing in one place, with one group, with one purpose when the possibilities are infinite? When trees are dripping with stolen memories and the sky is begging us to hold on tight and go along for the ride because crazy shit is happening right under our noses and we don’t know because we’re too busy checking Facebook. Or paying our mortgage. Or buying fucking school supplies that will teach our kids what they need to know to go forward and live an equally meaningless existence behind a desk and a computer and a mask and a fake smile that pretends that this is what they always wanted in the first place.

Or we could run away. Far, far away. To the places where sin is beauty and life is now. Instead of learning to sign contracts and sell meaningless products we could live and teach our kids the things that really matter – love, freedom, deep and meaningful relationships of all kinds, moving beyond petty things like envy and jealousy, diving into the shit and the shine of humanity.

And then, instead of being Programmers or Teachers or Firefighters or Engineers or CEOs or Nurses…our kids would be just one thing. People.


2 thoughts on “What the Fuck Are We Doing?

  1. I always envied the military kids that got to travel while still going to school and experiencing so many different cultures by the time they graduate. I truly believe everyone ahold spend time with other cultures at least I certainly in there lives.

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