Never Ours

This world is messy

A mix of blood, face paint, and failed efforts

One more person trying to survive

Another trying to revive

A lost flame

A tainted name

The last piece

That lost them the game


It’s a mixed bag

Whether you win or you drag

There is no predicting

If the confusion we’re inflicting

Will make or break someone else


Than we’ve destroyed

Our own selves


Blackened walls

Hide reality from pretend

Make us think we have it all

When teetering on the edge

Our pain splattered

On shifting ground

That gives no promise

That anyone we care about

Will still be around


It’s war, not peace

Nothing less than a chance

To release

Everything we cling to

Everyone we promised something to

Because when the sun falls

And our tears fill overfilled jars

It doesn’t matter what we lose

In the first place, it was unequivocally

Never ours to choose

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