Beautiful Friends

I think I may be friends with some of the most beautiful people in the world. The deepest, most heartfelt humans alive. We are difficult at times but boy do we give, give, give back when we really care about someone 

From my husband who you really have to show your true colors to before he’ll show you how big his heart is, to K who has perhaps taught me more about real love and relationships then anyone I know, to K2 who is just so sweet and kind, to J always has a new take on any given topic and works so hard to make people feel comfortable and loved, to B who’s energy and caring can be felt from miles away, to S who wants nothing but to spread inspiration to everyone human she touches, to C who will always and forever embrace you exactly the way you are, no questions asked, to H who judges no one ever except asshats who deserve it because they judge or abuse people she loves, to C who can be both fiesty and deeply concerned in one breath, to J who offers a very natural sense of comfort and acceptance to everyone she meets, to A who can make you feel important and independent and capable all at the same time, to M who is beyond brilliant but so dedicated to making people feel special, to L who hears everyone under all circumstances no matter the judgment they might get from the rest of us, to M who will never stop fighting for social justice, to G who could make you laugh at a funeral….
I couldn’t possibly cover them all but they are dear to me and help me remember that beautiful people are what make life beautiful. 

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