The Enemy Inside

Peoples inside me fighting
Pulling each other down
For a place at the throne
The anger
The abuse
The words with no use
Throttle my very ambitions

Sit down low!
Give no fist, or throw!
Why can’t you just get along
Then leave me alone

But they bicker
They snicker
They light a new wicker
Then begin anew
The war for my senses

Beat them down
Take them one at a time
Burn the whole village
Then call it no crime

Or choke to the death
Force every mouth shut
Stand on their faces
Punch through the gut

Or maybe
Just maybe
Or maybe
Just might
Leave them
Believe them
Leave the children out
To play until the sun goes down
Open and free
Feel all the things
Experience all the waves
Till they crash down
Wrench me
And drag me away

And then when I’m there
When I’ve finally arrived
And the worst is survived
Then will they know
Then will they see
Then will they finally sense

Then will I know
Then will I see
Then will I finally sense

What I crush
What I maim
What I ignore
What I blame
What I silence
What I destroy
What I fear
The bombs I deploy
What I captured and tortured and tossed in the sea
Is not the enemy
It’s me

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