No Matter

Am I really all that valuable?

No, I think I’m not


Is my small life worth fighting for?

Not half a rifle shot


Does any of this have meaning?

If it does, it washed away


Do any feelings anywhere

Have the right to stay?


Tiny bugs that crawl around

Scraping for a crumb


Blood under the fingers

That dig until they’re numb


Brains that fry beneath the sun

Searching for the why


Crawling, creeping, crying

As the world around goes by


Sleeping not so soundly

Through dreams that have no color


Like babies lying in the street

Screaming for their mother


Once a dot, a single dot

Among a trillion more


Stars that sit so beautifully

Above this caving floor


Nothing means, nothing says

Nothing is, nothing was


Nothing rises high enough

Or deep within the crust


It’s just a soul, just a bod

Just one small degree


None that matters anymore

To anyone; just me

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